News Letter from Carmel #6

no.6 日本庭園 最新情報



 そのひとつとして、カーメル姉妹都市委員会のMike Godfrey氏が日本風の橋を手造りし寄贈しました。9月の除幕式にはカーメルに住む日本女性たちが和服で参加し、ブレイナード市長のスピーチの後テープカットをしました。ちょうどその時、カーメル・アート・フェスティバルに参加するため二人のゲストが河内長野市から来られており、同席していただきとても光栄に思いました。




Hello Kawachinagano Citizens from your Sister City in Carmel, Indiana, U.S.A.!

 Several months ago, Carmel formed a plan to build a Japanese-style garden to enhance some land near our City Hall.  At that time, we sent to your newsletter some preliminary ideas that we had to build this garden.  We have progressed quickly with a garden committee meeting monthly, and we have received business and citizen donations for items to be placed in the garden, and have done a great deal of hands-on work ourselves.

 As part of our progress, Mike Godfrey, of Carmel Sister Cities, Inc., built and donated to the garden, a Japanese inspired bridge.  We had a dedication/ribbon cutting ceremony in September. The ceremony was attended by many Japanese ladies, dressed in native dress, who live in Carmel.  Mayor Brainard spoke and cut the ribbon at the entrance to the bridge.  We had two citizens from Kawachinagano City attending our annual International Arts Festival at this time, so they were our honored guests.

 In addition to the bridge, we have installed two donated lanterns, three benches, many tree and bush plantings, large rock and stone accents, flowers, Lotus plants, and Koi in the center pond.  We will have a small waterfall installed in early winter by a local landscaping company as their donation.  Next Spring will include larger additions to the garden.  We become increasingly excited with each new addition, as it has made a dream come true for us to have a tranquil, relaxing place for all citizens regardless of their nationality.
Our belief is that a garden is never finished.  It continues to grow, mature, and change, just as our Sister City relationship does.  Come join us in our garden!



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■団体会員 10,000円


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