News Letter from Carmel #9

no.9 湧き続ける泉の歴史




 近年は井戸周辺にある公園及び井戸を囲うシェルターを使用し続けるために、改造やアップグレードされています。現在、井戸周辺の公園は拡大され、市民に楽しまれています。毎日多くの人たちが容器を持って井戸を訪れ、美味しい水を持ち帰り、彼らの家で使用され続けています。     (原文のまま)


In Carmel, Indiana, there is a well that has been flowing for about 105 years. It started during a period of gas exploration in Indiana in the late 1800's for industrial purposes. In 1904 a well was drilled in an area east of the small community of Carmel. A geyser of water erupted that continued for several days. People came in their wagons (transportation in that era) to see the unusual sight. No gas was found, but the water continued to flow.

In 1925 A. H. Myers proposed the well to be utilized as a gift to the public and dedicate the well to the pioneer families that had lived in the area. In 1926 a concrete memorial was constructed and a plaque was attached commemorating the nine pioneer families that had settled in the surrounding wilderness beginning in 1818. Many of these families have descendants still living in Carmel.

In 1929, there was a dedication ceremony to honor the pioneer families. Descendants of the families attended the celebration, and recognition was given to the Williamson family who donated the land surrounding the well for the public's use.

In recent years, the area has been remodeled to accommodate its continued use, and a park around the well is enjoyed by the public. The well continues to be visited daily by people who bring containers to fill with the pleasant tasting water to be taken and used in their homes.



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