News Letter from Carmel #12

no.12 カーメル・クレイ歴史協会




 2010年の昼食会では、カーメル高校の音楽部長が、学生のショー・クワイア(ショー的要素を取り入れたコーラス)の歴史についてスピーチをしました。人気のテレビ番組 「Glee」は、このショー・クワイアをベースにしています。



Stephanie C. Curtis 

The Carmel Clay Historical Society is an organization in Carmel, dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting our area’s history through collections of public records, maps, photographs, and manuscripts, all preserved and available to the public in the Museum headquarters.

The Society uses the original 1883 Carmel train depot (ticket office and passenger building) as its museum and office, just one block from downtown Carmel. The depot has been restored, overlooks the Monon Trail (bicycle, hiking, running trail), and is landscaped by the Master Gardener’s Association.

The Historical Society was begun in 1975 by a group of local residents, and continues to exist through the volunteer work of these people. They provide educational programs, historic home tours, resources for genealogy research, and other activities. The Society is supported with private and public donations and two fundraisers: an annual luncheon featuring a local speaker, and a holiday home tour.

In 2010, the luncheon speaker was the High School music department chairman, who shared the history of the student show choir. The popular TV show, “Glee” is based on this choir.

The home tour is 15 years old, and gives the opportunity for citizens to take small shuttle buses to four historic homes in Carmel, decorated for the Christmas holiday. Guests walk through the homes learning about the architecture, antiques, and collectibles of the home. Often the homeowner will offer food and musical entertainment to those on the tour.

The Society increases its membership by frequently adding programs that interest businesses and students, and other citizens, hoping to preserve Carmel’s heritage and keeping the past alive.



■家族会員  3,000円
■団体会員 10,000円


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