News Letter from Carmel #14

no.14 市民の楽しみ「土曜の朝市!」


Saint Athanasius カーメル市の土曜の朝は、市役所の裏手の駐車場で行なわれる賑やかなファーマーズ・マーケット(農家の産直市場)で始まります。毎年春や夏になると新しい催しが加えられます。商品の品質の高さだけでなく、買い物をしながら隣人たちと会って一緒にコーヒーを飲んだり、日本庭園での小規模なグループによる音楽演奏に耳を傾けたりできるので、参加者数は伸びてきています。街の中心で開催されるマーケットに来ることにより、市民は市の中心に新しく建てられた建物やお店、レストランに立ち寄る機会が増えています。

Chocolate for the Spirit

Grabow Orchard

Winter Market

Sunny Chinese Kitchen

Skillington Farms

The City of Carmel has had great success for many years with their Saturday morning Farmers Market, located in the parking lot area behind City Hall. Each spring/summer, a new activity is added to the Market, and attendance has grown because of the good quality of the goods for sale, the chance to meet your neighbors and have a cup of coffee together as you shop, and the opportunity to listen to various small groups entertain musically in the Japanese style garden. The Market is a good opportunity to bring citizens to the main area of town to watch new building developments, and get acquainted with new shops and restaurants.

Because of the success of the warm weather Market, this year, Carmel inaugurated a Winter Market featuring vendors from the Summer Market, held again on Saturday mornings, at an indoor store front in the new City Center area where the Performing Arts Hall is located.

The market is held from 9:00 a.m. to noon. A few of the following vendors are participating: Amazing Potato Chip Company, Artisano’s Oils and Spices, Becker Farms, Chocolate for the Spirit, Cooking Greek, Grabow Orchard and Bakery, Lena’s Mediterranean Kitchen, Lisa’s Pies, Mission Coffee, several family farms, Circle City Sweets, Kei Tea, Viking Lamb, and Walking Waffle. The Market will conclude in late March, and the Summer Market will begin again in late June.

The Winter Market is being presented by Pedcor Companies (actively involved in the new building areas of Carmel) with assistance from the summer Farmers Market, the City of Carmel, and the weekly newspaper supplement, Current in Carmel. We wish that Kawachinagano citizens could join us at the Market someday, and we, too, can enjoy our coffee or tea together as we shop!



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